Classes for Kids & Teens


Child to Champion
Ages 7-10

  T/TH 4:30 PM

The class will focus on 4 blocks of 15 minutes alternating different sport skill sets, flexibility, and introductory instructional strength training. Program design by a professional coach provided.

Co-Ed. Please wear sneakers and bring a water bottle.

1 day/week $65/ month   |  2 days/ week $119/month

Integrated Prep
Ages 10-13

 M/W/F 4:00 PM

Integrated Prep class is our ‘tween’ it’s for athletes who are still young but need/want a little more focus and structure for their workout.  Flexibility, control drills strength training, speed work, and technique will all be covered in this class. It is co-ed and offered 4 times per week to help fit attendance into your schedule.  Program design by a professional coach provided

1 day/week – $65/month
2 days/week –  $125/month
3 days/week – $145/month


Integrated Athletics
Ages 13-18+

  M/W/F   |  2:30 PM   &   5:30 PM


PLATINUM: UNLIMITED INTEGRATED CLASSES & PROGRAM DESIGN = 155.00 PER MONTH ~Highest price membership full price – siblings receive 20% discount~

  The class will focus on more technical lessons in warm-up, flexibility, strength and speed training.

Individualized programs and coaching performed by one of our highly trained coaches.
Initial interview and assessment required (separate fee).

Co-Ed. Please wear sneakers and bring a water bottle


Membership includes coaching and instruction, program design as needed and unlimited access to Compass to practice skills during nonclass times. Based on availability

Girls Only
Ages 9-14

  T/TH 3:30 PM

This class is for GIRLS ONLY – focusing on technical lessons in warm-up, flexibility and strength training.  Coach Kristen Gorrasi takes the girls through their workouts.  This class is perfect for those who don’t need/want an individual workout – for all abilities.

Please wear sneakers and bring a water bottle

1 day/week $60 per month  |  2 days/week $119.00 per month

Stretch Classes

You’ve never stretched like this before.
Join us Saturday mornings from 8:00 am – 9:30 am and
Monday nights from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm for
a great stretch and relaxation class.

$10 drop-in fee.  Free to all enrolled in another Compass strength and conditioning class.

All ages welcome so long as focus can be held for the duration of the class.


Please fill in the information and come to your first class when you are ready.
Please arrive at the first class 5-10 minutes early.















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