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Coaches, Looking for field space to hold winter practices, training camps, and skill clinics?
Compass Athletics has 4,500 square feet of turf available for hourly and daily rental.
See calendar below for a general idea of availability.
Yoga, Pilates & Zumba Instructors looking for mat space to hold your classes?
Compass Athletics has 1,000 square feet of mat area available for hourly rental.
Please contact Leigh Travers for availability and rates at 508-888-4800 or

2018/2019 Turf and Mat Rental Standard Rates
Area Size Fee (peak / off-peak)
Field A (left side) 50′ x 45′ $75.00 / $65.00 per hour
Field B (right side) 50′ x 45′ $75.00 / $65.00 per hour
Full Field (Field A&B) 100′ x 45′ $100.00 / $100.00 per hour
Mats 25′ x 40′ $45.00 per hour
The calendar below can give you a general idea of available space for rent.
Please contact Compass Athletics for guaranteed availability.

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