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The Pro Shop is open for Holiday Pre-ordering.  You can order online here or download an order form and bring it to Compass.  Please note: there are a couple items on the download order form not available online.

Down load gift guide here:  gift-guide-2016


Health Products

Usana Health Sciences

We have teamed exclusively with Usana Health Sciences to bring our clients the number 1 rated products, macro-optimizers and skin care line.  Click here for more information and watch the video below


Coach and Athlete Education

King Sports International

Under the direction of Ian King has developed a complete range of physical preparation DVDs/Videos and books by a single author. It would be hard to find as much visual footage or text. No other coach has been willing to expose his methods so openly. Consistent with KSI’s approach to education, these materials are based on real-world proven methods for success. They seek to teach you generalized principles – principles of training that will not age with time,nor are they of transient, commercial trends. They include methods that once learned will serve you forever!


End User Strength Training Education

King Sports International

King Sports International (KSI) developed and produced the Get Buffed™ range specifically for the strength trainer. What KSI has done is to apply its successful methods in the strength development of the elite athlete and provided them in a way that allows anyone who uses strength training to take advantage of these highly effective methods. In a world full of over-training based programs that cause more damage than good, you will be ecstatic when you reap the benefits of the training methods provided in the Get Buffed!™ range. This range involves DVDs/Videos and books, including the famous Get Buffed!™ book trilogy!