One on One

Personal Professional Guidance
in achieving your personal best

Compass Physical Preparation coaches are the best around.One_on_one_mike


While “generic” and “sports specific” programming is the most common in today’s training process, we believe they are a distant second to individualized programming. The philosophy behind an individual program is to first assess the individual’s challenges and strengths. They will lay the foundation upon which a higher level of goal achievement is possible. We will personally work with individuals committed to participating in this process.

Utilizing unique assessment and evaluation techniques, combined with individualized program design and on-going supervision, We will assist our clients in achieving specific results.

One on one training is a great way to stay motivate and accountable, it’s also great for getting started then moving to a group setting.

One on One Training Rates

Call to make an Appointment
Leigh $75.00 per hour
Kristen $75.00 per hour
Doc $75.00 per hour
Joe $60.00 per hour/$35 per 1/2 hour

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